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While the days are getting colder, I catch myself remembering the warmer days I had in Greece this year. A few weeks ago, Ehsaan and I took a spontaneous trip to Athens and Mykonos, in Greece. We had no expectations besides sunny weather and blue water, but what we experienced was beyond our imagination.


Athens is a buzzing and happening place, especially at nights. Pretty much all over Athens, you will see people hanging out in the streets, you will hear a lot of laughter and you will walk through interesting side alleys revealing cute restaurants, bars and boutique shops. I fell in love with the city immediately. Oh, and the food! A lot of the dishes reminded me of the Turkish cuisine, yet I was happy to experience new flavors and tastes. Ehsaan became a huge fan of greek coffee.


Greek coffee


Mama Roux, Athens









Athens National Gardens



After spending two days in Athens, we took a ferry to Mykonos. It was magical.



Mykonos Harbor




Interesting things we learned
  • Frappes are very famous all over Greece! Try them out
  • You better rent a car or ATV to explore the island. We were told that there are only 29 taxis on the island and they are expensive if you want to see more than one place in a day
  • Popular restaurants may be closed during the offseason so better check their opening times. The famous restaurant ‘Scorpios’ was recommended by many but upon arrival, we found out it’s closed after October 3


Kiki’s tavern

Agios Sostis beach by Kiki’s

Kiki’s Tavern


Fun with the ATV!

Three things we enjoyed the most in Mykonos
  • Super Paradise Beach – crystal clear water and a beautiful beach
  • The old town, Little Italy, Windmills – a great place for taking photos!
  • Rent an ATV and drive up north of the island to an authentic Greek tavern called Kiki’s. You won’t regret the view and delicious food!

Little Italy


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